About Us

Vancouver’s beloved and longest-lived gospel choir, the Universal Gospel Choir (UGC) is a community-based group of singers passionate about raising the roof with their music. Known for their big sound, musical diversity, exuberant sense of fun and standing-room-only concerts, UGC celebrates all genres of music, from old-school gospel to current uplifting pop, from civil rights anthems to traditional songs from all around the world. More than 60 voices strong, the Universal Gospel Choir is an open, justice-oriented group celebrating the best of choral music and committed to lifting and inspiring the human spirit.


We are a passionate, innovative multi-faith choir committed to excellence and musical authenticity. We honour cultural and spiritual diversity and seek common ground. We sing our mission through service to the community.


Sharing the world’s spiritual music, we celebrate, inspire and offer joy and healing.

Lonnie Delisle

Music Director

Lonnie Delisle has served as the Music Director of  the Universal Gospel Choir as Music Director since 2013.

Lonnie sang in many choirs as a child and throughout college and university, which was foundational in his development as a choral conductor. “There’s no instrument that compares to the human voice,” he says, “especially when many voices join together with powerful synergy. It’s magic!” Along with being the Music Director of the Universal Gospel Choir, Lonnie is the Music Director at Canadian Memorial Church the and Director of the Delisle Vocal Project. Lonnie continues to provide select choral coaching and workshops and is sought after to play Hammond organ and piano for special events and recording projects.

Lonnie’s formal training includes a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from Western Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Trinity Western University.

Our Board

The Universal Gospel Choir is a registered society and charitable organization.  Elected by the membership, the Board of Directors  governs the organization to ensure the choir carries out its mission in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner.  The Board’s mandate is to plan, direct and manage all functions of the choir. The Board and the Music Director work together as the management team.

President – Georgia Hill

Past President – Jan Bryant

Co-Treasurers – Marilee Roome / Debra Golabek

Secretary – Tracey Gabert

Membership Liaison – Eleanor May

PR Liaison – Tracey Gabert

Carole Christopher

Carol Cohen