Universal Gospel Choir (UGC) is an inclusive, community-based group of singers passionate about raising the roof with great music! We celebrate musical, cultural and spiritual diversity and seek to uplift and inspire the human spirit. 

Auditions generally take place twice a year, once for the Fall term and once for the Spring/Summer term. Previous choral experience isn’t a requirement, but musicality, passion and shared values are a must! You don’t have to be a great soloist to be a valuable choir member. 

We all know that auditions can be stressful, so we do our best to provide a safe and welcoming environment for singers of every level. 

Contact info@universalgospelchoir.ca to schedule an audition

– A song of your choice, in any style that you feel showcases your voice

– You can either bring sheet music, or sing a capella


– Auditions are attended by our Artistic Director, Lonnie Delisle, and sometimes members of the music committee

– Following your song, you may be led through some simple vocal exercises to determine your range

There is lots to look forward to this term, including:

– A one day Gospel workshop with the incredible Terrance Kelly

– Several outreach events

– Amazing music

– Social gatherings

– 2 Full Scale concerts including Yule in Vancouver and at the Abbotsford Arts Centre

At this time, our rehearsals are in person, with a hybrid zoom option for those who need to stay home. To sing in the concerts, you must attend a minimum number of in-person rehearsals prior to the performance. 

Last year I was fortunate enough to have the Universal Gospel Choir brought into my life. For a decade I’ve been wanting to get back into music, to sing and not be embarrassed by how much I love to perform! UGC gave me a supportive community and a safe space to find my voice again.

Carver, Tenor

Eternally grateful for this supportive choir community and Artistic Director, Lonnie Delisle for pushing me past my comfort zone.

Crescencia, Soprano

Join us this term!

Email info@universalgospelchoir.ca to set up an audition

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